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The Acme House

August 30, 2011

This past weekend while Hurricane Irene was ravaging the East Coast, my friends and I were busy ravaging New Orleans in honor of a good friend’s upcoming wedding. And even though the hurricane made travel difficult and I had to cut my trip short, I had a great time and would like to go back one day.

But since we were there for a bachelor party and no girls were invited, we spent our days/nights eating, drinking and being merry. And with drinking comes the need to use restrooms.

If you have never been to New Orleans, you may or may not know that the whole city smells like a bathroom during the hot summer days. It isn’t very clean and you could probably get away with using a number of alleys, more often than not we used bar or restaurant restrooms, and the occasional “club” restroom.

But while in the least likely of places down on Bourbon Street, I came across a very nice public restroom. It was located in a restaurant called the Acme Oyster House. The food was excellent (I had the gumbo) and the drinks weren’t very expensive, but it was the bathroom that impressed me most.

There was one urinal and one stall, which spoke volumes to me as they resisted the urge to pack tourists in their restrooms like they pack oysters in their freezers. And the most impressive part was that the urinal was walled off and completely private.

After sharing a couple pitchers of beer and eating some hush puppies and gumbo, I was very delighted to be able to relieve myself in such privacy; mostly because just about every other bathroom we visited down there offered nothing of the sort. And like I mentioned earlier when talking about the smell of urine, some people in New Orleans don’t even use public restrooms.

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