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Wash Your Hands – At Your Own Risk

August 19, 2011

A couple of weeks ago, my brother and his wife flew into Baltimore to see our parents and celebrate his birthday. Since he lives in South Carolina, we don’t see him very often and decided to take a drive down to my parents’ house to spend the weekend with the family.

On Saturday evening, we went out to dinner and enjoyed some Italian food and each other’s company. Afterwards, we decided to walk across the street to have a drink at a local bar.  I had been to this place once before on a Christmas Eve, but was kind of (more like probably) intoxicated so I don’t remember too much. I know that I thought I liked it.

Regardless, the bar we went to is in a restaurant called the Glen Rock Mill Inn. It is a very old building having been established in 1832, which is nearly 200 years ago for those of you who struggle with numbers – also known as basic math. The place has passed through numerous owners and undergone a number of remodels, but its current ownership has done a very nice job with the place.

The bar, located on the first floor, has a rustic feel to it with great woodwork and ample seats for eating and listening to live bands or sitting at the bar. But as always, I was on the lookout for the bathroom.

The bathroom, located in a narrow hallway (you should expect things like this with older bathrooms), was very nice done. There were only a limited number of urinals and one stall, but this bar doesn’t get an overwhelming amount of traffic, so it is understandable. The tile floor was very nice, as were the walls and countertops.

However, the Mill is almost DARING you to wash your hands. If you notice from the picture, the door swings inward, providing the opportunity to knock you out cold while demonstrating a healthy and conscionable act of civilization. And of course – as always – there is a sign in the restroom that asks all employees to wash their hands.

Well, if I could possibly suffer a concussion or be the reason some stranger gets sick, I would probably choose get a stranger sick, but that’s just me. Anyway, when going to the Mill, it is probably a good idea to bring either a helmet and mouth guard or hand sanitizer. And be prepared to wash your hands at your own risk.

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