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The Wild Wild West

August 12, 2011

As I mentioned in a few previous posts, I have been frequenting Atlantic City this summer, and this story comes from another casino off the boardwalk. To put it bluntly, gambling and drinking, limited sleep, and random groups of individuals can lead to some interesting situations.

On this particular occasion, my wife and I went to Bally’s Wild Wild West Casino with some friends to play $1 blackjack and get cheap drinks. And by cheap, I mean that they offer $2 domestic beers and $3 mixed drinks all day, every day. For Atlantic City, this deal cannot be passed up – not to mention there are usually live bands and there is always a mechanical bull for your riding pleasure.

Multiple bathrooms are located throughout the floor plan, but the restrooms are unique in this particular casino because of the stall doors. They are fashioned to look just like saloon doors would at an old Western bar. After a few drinks, I found myself kicking through those things like Clint Eastwood in any one of his cowboy films. It might seem childish, but it is actually quite fun. I could go further with the cowboy analogy and reference loosing your gun from your holster, but I think that is far enough.

However, it should be noted that the stall doors aren’t the only feature of the restroom that resembles the Wild West. The patrons are by far the most unruly characters I have come into contact with since that truck stop in Colorado about 10 years ago (shutter) and it really reminds me of a scene from a movie – if everyone was dressed up like a cowboy, of course.

Nearly every person who walked in to the restroom appeared to be intoxicated, and WAS loud, obnoxious and messy – please note that I am not excluded from this group. On a side note, I have a feeling that a janitor needs to be present at all times in case something happens; although I am not sure what he would be able to do other than get security. Every time I went into the bathroom, someone was yelling at someone else, people were flinging paper towels everywhere, peeing places you aren’t supposed to and not washing their hands.

So I guess the moral of this story is this: when you go to Bally’s Wild Wild West Casino – late at night – be prepared for it to get wild. And I didn’t even mention the number of people who fail miserably to ride the bull and come running in to be sick. Now this janitor in the photo did a pretty good job of straightening up, but I certainly wouldn’t want to go through that on a daily (or should I say nightly) basis.

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  1. August 15, 2011 9:48 PM

    Not sure if your future travel plans include Las Vegas. It is possible that Las Vegas may have the best restrooms. Check it out:

  2. August 15, 2011 9:59 PM

    Haha, thanks Alisha. I will most definitely check it out. I go there in February I think so if I still have this thing going on, I will be sure to get there.

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