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The Roach, The Art & The Ugly

August 9, 2011

As I mentioned on my Who is the Wizgoblin page, I am currently a graduate student. As a result of this, I spend Thursday evenings after work in the Drexel library building from 6 PM to a little after 8 PM attending class. Since I have a commute that is typically 45 minutes, I seem to always have to go to the bathroom before class starts.

The only bathroom I have found in the library (I should mention that I am lazy and there are most likely other bathrooms) is in the basement underneath the staircase. I would like to describe it as dark, dreary and damp. But I can normally deal with bathrooms like that without much fuss. There is ample room and more than enough toilets and sinks, and splashguards (I have yet to talk about my belief that splashguards should be in every bathroom, but don’t worry, we will get there).

What really got to me was the GIANT cockroach that came crawling out of the front entrance that I was walking into the third week of class. I understand that it is a city and there are bugs all over the place, especially around high-traffic areas where food is, but I would hope that they have a pest management professional under contract considering my tuition for one class could cover about eight years worth of service.

But as stated in the first paragraph, this hasn’t deterred me from using the bathroom. If I really cared that much I wouldn’t be so lazy and would eventually have found a different restroom. And I have to say that I am glad I didn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t have stumbled across this wonderfully idiotic piece of bathroom art.

We all remember bathroom art, right? Of course we do! We are subject to it in every dive bar and rest area we stop at. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is not, and other times it is quite simplistic and probably not worth the creator’s time.

With that being said, I noticed this little guy hiding behind the toilet dispenser last Thursday and I laughed, but my opinion is this: if this is the best that the Drexel-educated youth of America can come up with, the DOW Jones isn’t going to drop 500 points in one day 15 years from now, it will be non-existent. And also, the bathroom is ugly.

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