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The Stairs to Nowhere

August 5, 2011

Last Wednesday evening, a number of my co-workers took me out to celebrate my last week at my now previous employer, Tierney. A few weeks earlier, I had accepted a position with a new company in a new line of work and they wanted to show appreciation for my dedication and commitment to their company.

In order to say goodbye properly, we went downstairs to the Tavern on Broad for a few half-priced drinks. After about two hours, a number of us decided to head to The Black Sheep located on 17th Street between Spruce Street and Locust Street. Every Wednesday, this particular bar has trivia starting at 8 PM and we thought it would be fun to play.

We all had a great time, but trivia can run a little long and we had been drinking, so needless to say bathroom visits were in order. The first restroom I visited was downstairs and it was small but excellent. It is a private room, no wider than three feet and no longer than five feet; it was extremely clean, quaint and secluded. This restroom presented nothing out of the ordinary, but if you ever patron The Black Sheep, have peace of mind knowing that it can be considered an above-par place for relieving yourself.

Now the bathroom upstairs was even nicer, larger, cleaner (despite more usage), and well-decorated. This bathroom offered a nice tile floor, clean toilet, wood paneling and fresh paint, and a nice set of wooden steps with a railing that went absolutely nowhere.

Had it not been for a friend of mine out with us that evening mentioning the uniqueness of the bathroom, I would have most certainly missed this feature. I probably would have taken the trip downstairs to the bathroom less utilized for a second time because I like to avoid crowds. I suggest you check it out, if not for the steps, then for the bar itself – the food was tasty and they offer a number of different brews (this is Philadelphia after all).

This final little tidbit can be considered irrelevant, but we came in second place in the trivia contest and won a free $20 gift card that we used for drinking. When leaving, I “stumbled” out the front steps, not up the steps to nowhere.

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