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Magnificent (and not so) Facilities

July 6, 2011

Welcome. I am the Wizgoblin. While you might not believe it, there is no pun intended as I chose this avatar when I was about eight years old – I was obsessed with Warcraft, however, it fits quite nicely.

This blog was inspired by Seinfeld’s George Costanza, and all of his quirky bathroom habits. As a former resident of New York, I took great pride in following George’s advice regarding the best facilities in the city for public restroom use. I can’t tell you how many times I found myself in a dirty KFC or McDonald’s late at night because that was the only one available.

But enough rambling; this blog will serve as a guide and recap of all of the public restrooms (and some friends’ bathrooms just for fun) that I will use throughout my travels. Bathrooms can be simple, odd, clean, or disgusting, but we will always need to use them provided a large percentage of us continue to act “civilized.” Therefore, prepare to follow me on my journeys across the United States – and the world – as we embark on a truly remarkable quest to document the worst – and best – rooms of rest.

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